Our Products


Pineapple MD2

MD2 pineapple whose physio - mechanical and organoleptic characteristics meet the highest quality requirements in the international market.

Its exquisite and sweet flavor, freshness, post-harvest and traceability handling in the value chain, their homogeneity and consistency in quality and texture, resistance to loads, pressures, impacts and cuts, its attractive presentation, color, brightness, weight, shape, aroma, low acidity, ease of use and processing make our pineapple a premium product of optimal quality, fit for human consumption and available to our customers.


Yucca Exportation

The yucca is a tuber with high nutritional benefits, has a high content of complex carbohydrates and provides energy. It is a healthy food and has vitamins and minerals.

It grows optimally in tropical climate with specific temperatures. Thanks to our location in Costa Rica is possible to offer a product of the highest quality, which accomplish the requirements of the international market.

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