About Us

COMIVA was founded in 2003 and has a headquarters located in Alajuela, 100m west of the Hospital Hampton Inn. We dedicate to the marketing of fresh products for exportation; mainly pineapple and yucca.

From Costa Rica to the world

Our customers are based in supermarkets chains wholesalers in the United States, Europe and Russia.

We have all the requirements to export, such as: Operating Permit MAG and the Export Permit issued by the US FDA, which certifies that our products are 100% high quality, produced and packed under all the safety and hygiene standards established.


"Being recognized as production and marketing leaders of fresh fruits and tubers; in the compliance with the quality and security standards; in the permanent commitment to contribute to the economic development, the improvement of the quality life of employees, the environment and society in general; and in the coverage of national and international markets."


"Producing and marketing fresh fruits and tubers, offering our customers excellent quality and optimal service, through a trained human resources, supported and encouraging the development of the country through the promotion and purchase of crops and create jobs."

Quality politics

"Our Integrated Quality Policy is applied to productive activity, ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, voluntary agreements and the requirements of our clients nationally and internationally, contributing in this way to social growth and continuous improvement of processes and human talent."

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